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.Net 4.5 not supported in CRM 2013 Custom Workflow Activities

With the latest SDK Update (6.0.4) Microsoft quietly removed support for .Net 4.5 in Custom Workflow Activities. This is a rather unexpected move as it is still supported for CRM 2011 CWA’s. And here is where the problems start: If

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Outlook Client: Data Usage and WCF-Compression

About 10 months ago I had a customer who was, by that time, going productive with CRM 2011 with about 1000 users – all of them using only the Outlook client. They had most of their IT outsourced to a third-party provider.

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CRM 2013 Auto-Save cannot completely be deactivated

One great new feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the capability to Auto-Save the data entered on a form. Once activated (it is by default) the forms will automatically be saved every 30 seconds if at least one field is

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