CRM 2013 Auto-Save cannot completely be deactivated

One great new feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the capability to Auto-Save the data entered on a form.

Once activated (it is by default) the forms will automatically be saved every 30 seconds if at least one field is dirty.

However, this feature does have one downside: Most of the customers are not ready for this kind of innovation, yet.

So, mostly, we have to deactivate this feature for our customer. This can be done in the System Settings area (Settings -> Administration -> System Settings) by setting “Enable auto save on all forms” to “No”.

Sounds great, yeah? Yes it does, but that does not deactivate Auto-Save entirely.
In fact, the periodic Auto-Save does not occur anymore and the Save-Button in the command bar is now visible. But if you change data on the form and then navigating away from it (for example by using the “Recently Viewed” menu and clicking there on a record) the data will be saved without informing the user.
Personally, I’ve expected to get a message that there is unsaved data on the form as Auto-Save is deactivated.

So, the question is: Can we deactivate Auto-Save completely?
The answer is: Yes, we can. By using a simple little Javascript.

The script below below blocks all Auto-Save Events. That includes the periodic saves (SaveMode = 70) and the ones which occur if the users tries to navigate away from the form (SaveMode = 2).
If you are working with Microsoft CRM from the CRM 4 and CRM 2011 releases you know that the Save Mode 2 means the “Save and Close”-Event. As CRM 2013 is not working with Popups anymore the “Save and Close”-Button is gone, too, and “Save and Close” is now represented by navigating away from the form.

function preventAutoSave(econtext) {
    var eventArgs = econtext.getEventArgs();

    if (eventArgs.getSaveMode() == 70 || eventArgs.getSaveMode() == 2) {

Just attach this script to the OnSave-Event of the form and let the magic happen 🙂

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